• Naomi Huth

My first ever DJ experience: How Mix Us Happy opened my eyes in the music world

How it all started

Learning how to DJ is a skill I never imagined I'd acquire. Music for me has always been a very big part of my life and I always enjoyed going to festivals and clubs. In a way I generally saw myself as the party-enjoyer and never considered myself as the person in charge of the music itself.

I was at Ultra Singapore 2018 on June 15th, when I was approached out of the blue. This guy from the DJ booth asked me if I wanted to learn how to DJ. Since I've loved music all my life and am always up for something new, this seemed like a fun challenge, so I agreed to join. Shortly after I was in the midst of taking a casting video, hoping to be selected as one of their top 30 finalists for the Mix Us Happy DJ competition, which was hosted by Pioneer DJ.

First picture taken with a DJ controller at the launch event 18th July 2018 (obviously I have NO IDEA how to use it)

Without expectations, I carried on with my life, until about a month later. That was when I received an invite to the launch and the announcements of the MUH contestants of 2018.

Super excited, I attended the event, not knowing a single soul, having no idea what to expect. Once there, I was absolutely happy and excited about the special news: I made the cut!

From that day onwards, all finalists received a DJ controller and free DJ classes every Sunday till the finals in December!

It was the beginning to a beautiful journey and was easily one of the most eventful experiences in my life. What followed after was spectacular.

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An unforgettable journey: From strangers to family

  • Getting to know the 29 other amazing contestants and skilled DJ instructors

  • Learning how to use the DDJ400 controller during DJ classes and at home

  • Crash course for the basics of DJ-ing (mixing in songs, learning various transitions, using Rekordbox, tricks like scratching, tone play, effects and hot cues, etc)

  • Events, such as sunset part lesson at AJ Hackett and Super Guilty Pleasures at Cato

  • Learning how to synchronise our set with the lighting system

  • Creating our very own DJ name and logo

  • Three performances: Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals

  • Stage performance experience and how to be comfortable in front of a crowd

Most importantly, I learned moral lessons regarding respect for other DJs, attitude and stage performance.

DJ-ing is so much more than it seems.

What an unforgettable journey!

Semi-finals performance at Ice Cold Beer

It's not the end, yet just the beginning of a new adventure!

From the quarter finals, semi finals to the finals and many incredible events and DJ classes later, I realised that Mix Us Happy was never a competition, yet a special and unforgettable experience shared by so many talented, inspiring and incredible people who all share the same love and passion for music.

Thanks to Mix Us Happy, I personally experienced how music connects people from everywhere, no matter what differences. Music gives people the chance to enter a different realm filled with pure joy and ecstasy.

Now it's up to us, wether we want to further pursue the DJ path or treasure the memories and friendships that we made for ourselves.

The journey continues with DJ Senter!

The journey begins as a member of DJ Senter


A very big thank you to the entire Mix Us Happy family!

To the all the instructors that took the time to teach us noobs every single Sunday of the week.

To every contestant who each brought their own talent and characteristic to the family and of course, the organisers! Without them this wouldn't have been possible.

They never gave up on their dream to make DJ-ing an accessible experience for everybody with a passion for music. I can't thank them enough for this memorable and life changing experience.


More pictures and videos can be viewed on my website via the Music section!